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All the King’s Men. [60+ hours] Classic JRPG – PG-13
The King is kidnapped from his bed in the middle of the night without a struggle. The royal militia specifically seeks out Topher’s father for his help, citing suspicious indiscretions in his past. Leaving him with many more questions than answers, and no remaining ties to his home, Topher decides to make his way across the nation on foot to meet up with his father in the capital city and put the pieces of his life together into a full image that makes sense. Along the way, meet allies and enemies alongside Topher on his journey across the land to save his family and, in turn, the Kingdom.

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The Phoenix Project. [5 Hour Full Game / ~1 Hour Demo] Narrative Heavy Puzzle – PG/ PG-13

In a scientific and medical miracle, one lab has figured out how to recreate human life from nothing except a previously-deceased person. This opens many opportunities for studying things yet unknown. However, like all good things, government intervention and monetizing this research brings the experiment to the forefront long before it is ready. People begin clamoring to give their recently departed to be given another chance at life, not caring what the long-term effects of the resurrection process might be.

Originally created for Indie Game Making Contest (IGMC) 2022. The Phoenix Project was ranked 16th place out of 147 games with an overall rating of 4.152 out of 5, scoring just outside the top 10% of games entered.

Download the Demo, which includes the first two chapters, on NOW

Elmo’s Pub Crawl. [< 1 hour] Fangame / Comedy – Light R
Elmo and his friends from Sesame Street have grown up in this game that teaches you about binge drinking, how to act when you’re drunk, the proper protocol for having a good night out, and even a little bit of money management!

Originally created for the Riggy2k3 Jam. Based on the original idea of DAN SETTEMBRINI (@motiondan) and the rest of the Stephen Georg / TRG Colosseum group

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