Editing Services


I offer three different types of editing services: Proofing, Copyediting, and Developmental Editing, as described below.

Proofing: This is simply a read-through to correct minor spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Consider this the “final step” before submitting your work to a publisher. The piece should already be completely edited by the author by the time I receive it, and all factual information will be assumed correct. No comments on plot, voice, structure, or other content will be given at this time; the novel will be double-checked for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, or typos that might have been overlooked by the author or a typical spellcheck.

Copyediting: This is a light-to-medium content edit that occurs once an author is sure that the majority of the rewriting has been completed (plots and subplots are complete and unlikely to change; characters are fully developed, etc.), a copyedit will focus more on syntax and style. Your manuscript will be examined with a fine-toothed comb and analyzed for clarity, flow, continuity, consistency, tense, word choice, repetition, and other grammar errors. While inconsistencies in plot / character might be noted, these bigger picture elements are not the focus.

Developmental Editing: The initial level of editing where the content and structure of your novel are examined. You will receive in-line changes and suggestions on the plot, characters, structure, and accuracy of your draft, as well as chapter-by-chapter commentary from the point of view of a reader and an editor. While the novel should have been looked over by the author prior to this step to eliminate basic typos and spelling errors, these comments are intended to take your manuscript to a complete second (or third) draft. The main concerns of a developmental edit will be consistency of plot and character, follow-through of subplots, and carrying out a theme and tone throughout the entirety of the novel.


The potential client is responsible for choosing a service based on their needs and informing me of which they are interested in. There are no length or genre restrictions for potential clients, provided ample time is permitted for longer works (i.e. don’t expect an extensive edit on a 200,000 word novel within three days). Additional fees apply for rushed jobs, or fan fiction and historical fiction outside of a period or fandom I am not already intimately familiar with.

Fees and Pricing Guidelines

Fees under $200 must be paid up-front. When the fee is greater than $200, other options will be available depending on the cost and size of the work. Details will be discussed and agreed upon by both the author and myself before the editing begins.

All costs are listed in United States Dollars and are to be paid via PayPal. Alternatives may be arranged if PayPal is not a viable option for the client.

Developmental Editing:
10,000 Words or Less: $300 flat fee.
10,001+ Words: $0.03 per word ($30 per 1000 words)

10,000 Words or Less: $170 flat fee.
10,001+ Words: $0.017 per word ($17 per 1000 words)

10,000 Words or Less: $50 flat fee.
10,001+ Words: $0.005 per word ($5 per 1000 words)

References, Credentials, and Contact

References and credentials are available upon request.

To request a 500 word sample edit or inquire about services, please send an email to erinfosterbooks@gmail.com using the subject line EDITING SERVICES.