Editing Services


I offer three different types of editing services: Proofing, Copyediting, and Extensive Line Editing, as described below. For an additional fee, or as a standalone service, I also format for CreateSpace and Lulu.

Proofing: This is simply a read-through to correct minor spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Consider this the “final step” before submitting your work to a publisher. The piece should already be completely edited by the author by the time I receive it, and all factual information will be assumed correct. No comments on plot, voice, structure, or other content will be given at this time.

Copyediting: This is a light-to-medium content edit where major spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors are corrected as well as issues with syntax and consistency in regards to formatting, names, and information is upheld. The piece should already be looked over by the author or a beta by the time I receive it to ensure the novel is complete. This edit will also contain minor constructive criticism on content — mostly concerned with making sure character growth / decay is consistent with the nature of the character and the plot, tying up loose ends, clarity, removing repetition and passive voice, and other basic content issues.

Extensive Line Editing: This is a heavy edit wherein I will take an active goal in shaping your novel into what you envision it as being. It will include the correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors (within reason, since sections may end up needing to be rewritten), as well as allowing me to comment and critique the work based on style, continuity, and factual accuracy. You will receive a chapter-by-chapter commentary of my reaction to the novel as both a reader and an editor and we will work together to polish your novel and complete a second draft. The novel should be looked over by the author (at bare minimum) before I receive it at this point to be certain the entire plot is completed. The main concerns in an extensive edit will be refining your tone / voice, consistency within the plot / content of your piece. filling plot holes, completing subplots, theme, tone, and symbolism.

Formatting: Once you are happy with your novel’s content, I am available to format your novel into proper manuscript form and create the .pdf necessary for self-publishing, if this is the route you choose to take. To receive an individualized quote for formatting as a standalone service, please email me, as the time needed for this service varies wildly depending on the work in question.

The potential client is responsible for choosing a service based on their needs and informing me of which they are interested in. There are no length or genre restrictions for potential clients, provided ample time is permitted for longer works (i.e. don’t expect an extensive edit on a 200,000 word novel within three days). Additional fees may apply for fan fiction and historical fiction outside of a period or fandom I am not already intimately familiar with.

Fees and Pricing Guidelines

Fees under $200 must be paid up-front. When the fee is greater than $200, other options will be available depending on the cost and size of the work. Details will be discussed and agreed upon by both the author and myself before the editing begins.

All costs are listed in United States Dollars and are to be paid via Paypal or Square. Alternatives may be arranged if neither choice is a viable option for the client.

The prices listed below are to be considered guidelines. A customized quote will be sent to each potential client before any arrangements are made. If the job needs to be expedited in order to make a fast-approaching deadline, additional charges will apply. Time frames and deadlines will also be discussed with each client individually before any agreements are made.

Pricing Guidelines

The following chart is not definitive and is only an estimation of the potential cost of your chosen service. The prices are the minimum you will see for a single service with the exception of the top box, which is the maximum.

Proofing Copyediting Extensive Editing
Up to 7,500 Words $50.00 $90.00 $150.00
7,501 – 25,000 Words $90.00 $150.00 $300.00
25,001 – 75,000 Words $125.00 $250.00 $375.00
75,001 – 150,000 Words $200.00 $350.00 $625.00
150,001+ Words $325.00+ $450.00+ $750.00+

Package deals are available for authors wishing to work through two (or more) stages of editing with me, as well as a steep discount on formatting prices for those who also opt in for editing services of any kind.

References, Credentials, and Contact

References and credentials are available upon request.